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September 2, 2016

WWE Announces Performance Center Combine Results

The first-ever WWE Performance Center Combine was held this week in Orlando. WWE announced that Riddick Moss and newcomer Bianca Blair were the male and female leaders. They announced the following:

WWE Performance Center Combine results

Bianca Blair and Riddick Moss were the female and male leaders at the WWE Performance Center Combine.

The results are in for the athletic testing held this week at the WWE Performance Center.

Known also as the PC Combine, the testing involved various NXT Superstars and Performance Center recruits competing in a battery of workouts. The events ranged from 60-yard sled shuttle sprints and overhead medicine ball tosses, to trap-bar deadlifts and bench-pressing for maximum repetitions.

Former University of Minnesota linebacker Riddick Moss was the top performer among the men, followed by 2015 WWE Tough Enough competitors Patrick Clark and Mada at Nos. 2 and 3, respectively.

Among the women, Bianca Blair, who was an All-American and All-SEC track-and-field star at the University of Tennessee, finished first. NXT newcomer Ember Moon finished second and Mandy Rose, another Tough Enough alumna, came in third.

The overall standings take into consideration the athletes' performance in all of the events.

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