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October 2, 2016

Jamie Noble Stabbed Outside His Home

Jamie Noble, who works for WWE behind the scenes, is currently hospitalized after being stabbed twice on Wednesday at a trailer park in West Virginia.

Ryan Satin of Pro Wrestling Sheet was told by the Mercer County Sheriff’s Office that Noble returned home early in the morning from a WWE event after a long drive, and then left to get a snack while his girlfriend took a bath.

Upon returning to Shadowood mobile home park, a driver pulled in behind his car and got out to accuse Noble of cutting him off on the road. Noble allegedly apologized, but the two men continued to argue and the former WWE star eventually took the man to the ground when things got physical.

Police officials say two other men got out of the suspect’s car at that point, and at least one stabbed Noble — once in the upper back and once in the mid-back/spine area — before taking off.

EMS were called and Noble was eventually treated, then taken to the emergency room. Satin was told that Noble is currently in the hospital, but no longer in the ER. His current condition is unclear.

Noble last appeared on WWE television in March to break up a fight between Roman Reigns and Triple H.

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