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November 13, 2016

Joey Styles Fired From EVOLVE Tonight After Making Donald Trump-Related Joke, FloSlam Comments

Former WWE employee Joey Styles was fired by Gabe Sapolsky after making a Donald Trump-related joke during tonight's EVOLVE 72 iPPV. While on commentary, Styles said the following to announcer Joanna Rose but stopped before the sentence:

"Joanna, you look great tonight, and if our next President were here tonight, he'd want to grab you by the..."

Styles then said the word he was going to use is what EVOLVE manager Stokely Hathaway is, indicating he meant to say "p---y."

Below are comments from Sapolsky, the WWN Live VP of Talent Relations:

"I deeply apologize for Joey Styles' comments and am furious. We've parted ways with Joey Styles and that's my final comment on this. Thank you for your support."

FloSlam, who was streaming the event, also commented:

"We do not support or condone Joey Styles' remarks tonight in any manner, and we support this (Sapolsky's) decision 100%."

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