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December 2, 2016

Jimmy Snuka Reportedly Has Only Six Months Left to Live, The Latest on His Trial Status

According to The Morning Call, there was no ruling today in the Jimmy Snuka competency hearing which took place in Lehigh, PA. The hearing was to determine whether or not Snuka is mentally competent to stand trial in the 1983 death of his then-girlfriend Nancy Argentino.

The Morning Call added that Snuka was too sick to travel today and was not present at the hearing. Furthermore, it was noted that Snuka is now in hospice, and only has 6 months to live. Snuka did testify today via FaceTime and couldn’t remember the judge’s name. Snuka’s wife testified and said that he was suffering from psychosis and will often try to escape their home because he thinks he’s supposed to be at a WWE match.

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