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December 8, 2016

WWE Expected To Make Several Talent Acquisitions In Early 2017, Agents Watching Indie IPPV Events

WWE officials are expected to make several talent acquisitions during the first quarter of 2017, according to PWInsider. In addition to a WWE Performance Center tryout scheduled for early February, WWE has talents set to report to the Performance Center on January 3rd.

Among names scheduled to report in January include talents for the rumored all-women's tournament - Heidi Lovelace, Nixon Newell, Evie and Kimber Lee, who lost to Ember Moon on this week's WWE NXT episode.

WWE is said be in signing mode right now and officials are working harder than ever to evaluate talents and watch the indie scene. WWE reportedly has people watching iPPV events and doing complete agent reports on them, similar to reports the company creates for their own live events to track talents and see how they're improving.

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