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February 1, 2017

Court Bauer Issues Statement Clarifying Lucha Underground’s Deal With Netflix; Talks Future Of Series On Netflix

I spoke with Court Bauer just now and he further commented on what he said on MLW Radio yesterday in regards to Lucha Underground beginning to feature previous seasons on Netflix later this month. Bauer had the following to say:

The Netflix deal is an extension of Lucha Underground’s broadcasting distribution model. Netflix will air Season One and Two with an opportunity to air future seasons thereafter on Netflix that have already aired on El Rey. Lucha Underground is not moving their programming exclusively to Netflix. This is just like any show on CW or NBC taking an earlier season or more and distributing it through digital platforms such as Hulu or Netflix. Lucha Underground is not for sale to the best of my knowledge. El Rey is very happy to the best of my knowledge with the series. It’s cornerstone programming that’s outperforming everything on the network. El Rey remains a minority partner in the venture which gives them a truly vested interest in seeing this succeed. The Netflix deal will bring Lucha Underground to additional regions beyond North America that will be revealed at a later date.

In the past Court has been attached to Triple A and Lucha Underground projects.

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