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February 11, 2017

Triple H came up with the idea for SANITY nearly a decade ago

Writing a diary ahead of the TakeOver: San Antonio event for ESPN, Young revealed that Triple H had the vision for SAnitY for around 10 years, but was never able to make it to television.

He wrote: “The group is Hunter’s brainchild.

“I guess he’s had this idea for, I think, going on 10 years now. He’s tried in a couple of different kind of ways, and it never really made it on TV because it didn’t feel right.”

Young – who made his name on TNA before jumping ship – went on to reveal that Triple H wanted him as the leader years ago, after watching one particular TNA promo where he did what he does best, act like a lunatic.

He added: “I met Triple, and he said, ‘It’s my job to pay attention to what’s going on in the wrestling world. I’ve known about you for years, and I’m still very close with Kevin Nash and I talk to him every now and then.’

“Kevin had talked to Hunter about me before, him and Road Dogg, about me being a guy that he should keep his eye on. He said he really liked my work, and that he was excited to bring me over.

“He told me he remembered seeing a clip of one of the first promos I did against Bobby Roode, when I had turned on Bobby in the ring, yelling like I lunatic. I couldn’t even tell you what the promo was, to be honest.

“He told me that was the guy he wanted to lead this group.”

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