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March 1, 2017

Cesaro Joining Triple H's Heel Faction?

One of the biggest moments of Monday's RAW may have come in a seemingly meaningless backstage segment between former Ring Of Honor rivals, Samoa Joe and Cesaro. Was what appeared to be just a way to set up a match for later in the evening actually the beginning of a much bigger play for RAW's most gifted athlete?

With just a few verbal jabs, Joe pointed out some very poignant truths about Cesaro's place on the WWE roster.

"Same old Cesaro, still trying to figure it out."

When you look at Cesaro in his Velcro James Bond suit, it looks more like someone pretending to be a spy for Halloween than it does a WWE superstar comfortable in their gimmick.

Joe also references Vince McMahon's comments on a previous Stone Cold podcast where Vince said Cesaro had failed to grab the brass ring.

"Are you mad that you are still desperately grasping for the brass ring?"

Joe's dialogue wasn't just aimed at getting under Cesaro's skin. It adds to the narrative started two weeks ago when Enzo Amore cut a mostly forgotten promo that pointed out everything that is wrong with Cesaro. Enzo noted that Cesaro was suffering from an identity crisis. He calls himself a Swiss Superman but comes out to the ring dressed like James Bond. Enzo said once he's in the ring, Cesaro looks like a Baywatch lifeguard.

Joe really laid the groundwork for a longer story that ends with Cesaro deciding he is tired of settling for the mediocrity that has plagued his WWE career and joining forces with Triple H.

"Good luck being clever. I see it's doing good things for you so far."

Cesaro has had a nice run working with Sheamus, but they have already achieved their goal of winning the tag team championships. It's time for Cesaro to be positioned for big individual success, and there is no better way to do that than by aligning himself with Triple H, Samoa Joe and Kevin Owens.

Not only would Cesaro thrive as a member of one of WWE's most powerful factions, but his athleticism and style of wrestling would be a perfect compliment for Owens and Joe's more bruising styles.

With Triple H pulling the strings, Joe, Owens and Cesaro would be a stable so dominant that it might force another former trio to get the Hounds of Justice back together.

source: comicbook.com

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