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March 13, 2017

The Reason Why Impact Wrestling Owners Anthem Threatened Hardys With Legal Action

Further details have emerged as to why Impact Wrestling owners Anthem sent cease and desist orders to the Hardys, Ring of Honor and PPV distributors over Matt and Jeff appearing as their “broken” characters.

As reported by PWInsider, a source claims that Hardy filing the trademark for the "Broken Matt Hardy" name was the trigger as they believe Hardy wasn't the only person to create the character with names such as Dave Lagana, Matt Conway and Billy Corgan all being mentioned as key figures in having come up with the concept, therefore Anthem believe others deserve revenue from the character.

They want to pressure Hardy into signing a deal that gives Anthem a percentage of profits made from the gimmick.

ROH was forced to pull their recent PPV from DISH Network and the Hardys toned down their act for the PPV itself. According to Reby Hardy, The Hardys have full ownership of the gimmick.

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