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June 27, 2017

AdWeek Names Stephanie McMahon One of their Most Powerful Women in Sports

AdWeek has named Stephanie McMahon as one of their Most Powerful Women in Sports. Here is an excerpt of what AdWeek wrote about her…
“Divas” are dead, and “superstars” are born, thanks to McMahon, who retired the old-school name for WWE’s women grapplers and replaced it with the same title superstars given to the sport’s male competitors. McMahon, daughter of CEO Vince McMahon, has spent two decades in nearly every facet of the WWE, both on-air and in its business operations, helping make WrestleMania 33 a $14.5 million-grossing, attendance-breaking event at the Orlando Citrus Bowl this spring (besting a 2015 concert by the Rolling Stones).

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