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June 10, 2017

Gail Kim On Triple H Creating Change For Women In WWE

According to the interviewer, Kevin Eck - who was on the WWE creative team in 2011 - Vince McMahon didn't think fans wanted to see women fight like men. Gail Kim talks about that environment and why it's changed:
"It wasn't politically correct to say out loud, nor would they say that straight up, but -- I'm not going to say which agent said it -- but they would tell us that Vince doesn't like that. I remember specifically a match I had on Superstars with Jillian [Hall]. We got seven minutes, which was rare back then -- we usually got three minutes. There's no way to tell a story in the ring in that time, so when we had a match on Superstars it was like a pay-per-view match [laughs]. Jillian and I had awesome chemistry, so we'd want to wrestle. We wanted to do a superplex off the top rope, and the agent -- again, I'm not going to name names -- said, 'Go ahead. I'll take the heat for it,' because he knew Vince wouldn't really be happy with that. Now I heard WWE has announced a Money in the Bank match for the girls. I honestly feel like [Triple H] has done so much for the girls, because he started that whole thing in NXT with the Four Horsewomen. When I left WWE, he was one of the people who was so positive. He told me, 'You're talented and don't let anyone else tell you any different.' I was very flattered and glad that he respected women's wrestling."

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