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July 13, 2017

List Of Competitors For The Mae Young Classic

PWInsider reports the following list of competitors for the Mae Young Classic

* Candice La Rae
* Mia Yim aka Jade from Impact Wrestling
* Tessa Blanchard
* Rachel Ellering
* Lei’d Tapa
* Deonna Purrazzo
* Santana Garrett
* Renee Michelle
* Marti Belle, formerly of Impact Wrestling
* Mercedez Martinez
* Kay Lee Rae
* Ayesha Raymond
* Rhea Ripley
* Sage Beckett (formerly Andrea/Mary Kate)
* Kairi Sane (formerly Kaiji Hojo in STARDOM)
* Dakota Kai (formerly Evie)
* Bianca Belair (formerly Bianca Blair)
* Vanessa Borne (current NXT talent Danielle Kamela)
* The former Kimber Lee, Abbey Laith
* Multi-time STARDOM champion Jazzy Gabert
* Taynara Conti
* Kavita Devi, a Great Khali trainee from India
* Lacey Evans
* Sarah Logan aka the former Crazy Mary Dobson
* Toni Storm
* Lucha Libre star Princesa Sugehit
* Reina Gonzales, formerly Victoria Gonzales, the daughter of Rudy Boy Gonzales.
* Zaeda, formerly Julia Ho
* Zhao Xia
* Barbi Hayden
* Shayna Baszler
* Nicole Savoy

Additional names are in town most likely as alternates. Tapings take place tonight and tomorrow with the first four episodes set to air August 28th and the following four episodes set to air September 4. The finals will take place September 10th at 10:00pm

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