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August 14, 2017

Alberto El Patron Stripped Of GFW World Heavyweight Championship

Alberto El Patron has been stripped of the GFW World Heavyweight Championship, the company announced in a statement on Monday. You can read the statement below:

GFW has concluded its internal consideration of the events surrounding the suspension of Alberto El Patron. While it is apparent that initial reports unfairly characterized El Patron's involvement in the incident in the Orlando airport, we are nonetheless disappointed with the manner in which he dealt with this situation; we expect more decorum from all on the GFW roster, especially the World Champion.
We have communicated with El Patron our decision to strip him of his championship title. No decision has been taken as to the date on which he will be reinstated to the roster, the conditions of which are a private matter between the company and El Patron.

Police confirmed that El Patron was detained following a domestic incident at the Orlando International Airport on July 9, 2017. He was not arrested and no charges were filed at the time.

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