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September 6, 2017

The Young Bucks Receive A "Cease And Desist" From WWE

The Suck It "crotch chop" made famous by D-Generation X in the late 90s during the Attitude Era may be one of the most iconic and memorable taunts ever created in professional wrestling and it's often imitated across the industry, none more so than in independent promotions who attempt to tow the line when it comes to intellectual property.

Today, top indy tag team The Young Bucks revealed on Twitter that their use of the crouch chop would no longer be permitted by WWE after they received a cease & desist notice from the company which they discuss on episode 68 of The Elite.

The Young Bucks haven't stayed silent on the matter posting a humorous tweet in which they claim WWE has taken away everything including Christmas, in reference to WWE's decision to air Raw live on Christmas night.


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