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October 17, 2017

WWE Responds To Dave Palumbo's Comments About Their Drug Policy

Last week, Dave Palumbo, who handles the nutrition and supplementation for Paul "Triple H" Levesque, made comments on an episode of Matt Riviera's podcast that the WWE's drug policy allows for use of Hormone Replacement therapy (shooting testosterone) as well as HCG and HGH.

The actual quote in question was, "They're allowed to take hormone replacement. They can go to an HRT place and get testosterone replacement, 100 mg a week, whatever they prescribe nowadays," said Palumbo, a former well-known competitive bodybuilder. "Those are acceptable. A lot of the wrestlers do it, and it's not for me to say whose using what, but they're very minimal doses."

Today, WWE responded to the comments that Palumbo made by saying that he was misinformed on the subject and the drug policy does not allow for use of those substances unless an endocrinologist and the WWE's medical staff approved of it for legitimate medical need.

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