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November 13, 2017

Daniel Bryan on Roman Reigns being WWE's next John Cena

WrestleMania 30 was the height of Daniel Bryan's career, as not only was he the most over superstar in the company, but it was in the main event of this show that he defeated Randy Orton and Batista to claim the WWE World Heavyweight Championship.

Many thought this would be the start of Bryan becoming WWE's new John Cena and the top superstar in the company, as it was around this time as well that Cena started to do more feuds with upcoming superstars and more projects outside of the company.

However, WWE didn't go with The King of Beards in the end, as Vince McMahon wanted Roman Reigns to be the next face of the company instead despite fan's reaction to him.

Speaking recently on the E&C’s Pod of Awesomeness, Bryan discussed how he felt when he was first told about WWE's plans to move with Reigns as the next John Cena.

Via StillRealToUs, The SmackDown Live general manager recalled his conversation with Vince McMahon, as the WWE Chairman said to him: “You know, we really want to push Roman to be the next John Cena.”

Bryan said in reply: “Boss, I one hundred percent support that, but I just want you to know that I want to be the next John Cena.”

Daniel Bryan revealed he's not the confrontational type that would say, 'I’m the man. I want you to push me,' but he did reiterate in his conversation with Vince that he would be pushing himself to be the next John Cena of the WWE no matter what.

Bryan said to Vince: “To be honest with you sir, that’s great that you want that for him. I want to be the next John Cena, and I’m going to push myself to be that person.”

Bryan retired from in-ring wrestling in February 2016 due to medical issues and was named as SmackDown Live's general manager not long after, but recently, he has been teasing a return to the ring, whether that's with or not with the WWE.

As for Reigns, WWE is still pushing him as their next face of the company, with him rumored to main event WrestleMania once more next year in New Orleans, which would be his fourth WrestleMania main event in a row.


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