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November 7, 2017

WWE May Be Exploring VR Features In The Near Future

VR is common in the video game industry, despite still being in its infancy. Professional wrestling company the WWE is now exploring the possibility of using VR to further connect with its large fanbase all around the world.

As reported by CNBC, Triple H talked about using VR during the Web Summit technology conference in Portugal earlier this week. WWE is looking to see how the technology improves in the future.

Triple H said that VR will be used in order for fans to see shows like WrestleMania virtually. If you don’t have enough money to fly all the way to America, you can experience it virtually instead. Potentially, you can watch shows from ringside to get the live event experience.

Whether or not VR will be used in future WWE video games remain to be seen. It will be interesting since we have never received a first-person wrestling game before!


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