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January 1, 2018

Kevin Nash On What Vince McMahon Recently Told Him Regarding Current WWE Talent

During a recent episode of the The Ross Report, Jim Ross spoke highly of the potential XFL relaunch, stating that he believes that Vince and company have done significant research to make sure that they will not have another unsuccessful run. Ross also asked his guest, WWE Hall of Famer Kevin Nash, about his thoughts on the matter.

"Vince doesn't like to have a black mark anywhere on his dossier," said Nash. "At the beginning [of the XFL], the numbers were great, and it wasn't the right place at the right time."

Nash and Ross also discussed whether WWE will hurt from McMahon not completely focusing on the product, and both agreed that Triple H is next in line to steer the company creatively, and the WWE will be just fine with him at the helm. However, the landscape of WWE has changed regarding the grit of the talent.

"I remember one time I was talking to Vince – it wasn't the last WrestleMania, I think it was the one before – and I just asked him how things were," said Nash. "And he goes, 'The thing that's changed more than anything, [is] back when you broke in here in the fed, it was a shark tank. Like, everybody went after that top prize, and it was a battle. Now, [wrestlers] wait for him to come around with a sword and anoint them.' It's just not the same anymore."


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