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June 22, 2018

Rumor Mill - ROH Reportedly Contemplating Legal Action After WWE’s Involvement In Cancelled MSG Show

Dave Meltzer talked about the cancelled ROH Madison Square Garden show on his Wrestling Observer podcast,

“As of right now they [Ring of Honor] are out of the date. A WWE official, who is not Vince McMahon, called up and told Madison Square Garden to cancel the show and they did and there’s a lot of unhappiness going around. There may be legal action. There may not be legal action. They [Ring of Honor] are contemplating legal action. Evidently the Garden believes that they had the right to do it.”

Meltzer elaborated further and pointed out that Ring of Honor did not come to Madison Square Garden. Meltzer claims that it was Madison Square Garden that came to Ring of Honor,

“Madison Square Garden was looking. The word was out that they were looking for someone to come in because WWE was not running enough dates. It’s not like they’re on bad terms; but, it’s like three dates a year. We want more wrestling so somebody else wants to run a date, they can run a date. So they are out there doing that and Ring of Honor goes and books a date. Then WWE calls and they say, ‘Well you can’t have the date.’ I think it makes MSG look real bad. The WWE, I don’t know. Does someone want to file an anti-trust case against them? I don’t know.”

Meltzer questions WWE’s decision making when it comes to making enemies with Sinclair. According to Meltzer, Sinclair owns approximately 54 FOX stations, some of which will run Smackdown beginning in 2019. Meltzer adds,

“I don’t know if you want the people who own a bunch of stations that you’re on to be mad at you. I don’t think that’s smart.”


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