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June 30, 2018

Triple H Offers To Save Toys R Us Mascot With NXT Opportunity

Toys "R" Us is unfortunately officially closed, but before he retires Geoffrey might have a chance to step into a WWE ring thanks to Triple H.

As the store wound down, a photo made the rounds of the store's mascot Geoffrey the Giraffe wearing a hat and sunglasses with a suitcase, apparently on his way to enjoy a nice retirement or at least a vacation. Some fans evidently used that opportunity to place Geoffrey in front of the WWE Performance Center and inside of it too, where the wrestlers of NXT and Tough Enough have trained.

Triple H got a big kick out of the images and took to social media to tease that maybe fans will see Geoffrey in an NXT ring someday.

"Thanks for recommendation. You know what they say, Geoffrey when one door closes...another one opens! #WeAreNXT WWEPerformanceCenter.com."

Odds are you won't see Geoffrey going against Adam Cole or Velveteen Dream anytime soon, but it's nice to know if he wanted to he at least has options.


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