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September 9, 2018

Jerry Lawler Talks ‘PC’ WWE, ‘Puppies,’ & The Reason He Probably Isn’t On WWE TV Anymore

The latest Dinner with the King features WWE Hall of Famer Jerry “The King” Lawler addressing a live crowd at Starrcast during All In weekend.

A fan commented on how he associates Lawler with the word ‘puppies’ and Lawler then directly addressed that:

“The thing with the puppies, I did not coin the phrase. I was not the first one to say the phrase on WWE TV; but, because like you said I am so associated with that word puppies, most people think that way. That is probably the reason I’m not on TV anymore and I mean that seriously because they [WWE] went so politically correct. It’s not necessarily PG because they’re not PG. They’re further south than PG. They’re PC. They’re so politically correct to a fault and especially like they got so right now into – starting with the Revolution – now it’s all about empowering women and that’s a big political correct thing these days and everything, so WWE jumped right on that, so it’s about empowering women. They actually came to us and said, ‘Do not ever say that women are sexy or that they’re good looking or that they’re beautiful. You must treat them exactly like you would a male athlete. You could say that they are powerful, they’re strong, they’re athletic, all this stuff; but, nothing that would be considered sexist at all.”

Lawler then talks about the RAW 25th Anniversary Show when he let the word ‘puppies’ slip early on during the historic live broadcast,

“This is like early on the show and I said, ‘JR [Jim Ross], it’s so nice to be here tonight and we’re gonna go back in time or something and I might even say puppies tonight.’ Immediately I hear [Vince McMahon] in my earphone (grunts), ‘Let’s stay away from that tonight.’ That was the last time it was ever said on there.”


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