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October 6, 2018

Triple H Says Intergender Wrestling Is Just ‘Shock Value’, Why It Doesn’t Need To Be The Standard

Paul “Triple H” Levesque has been doing the media rounds in order to promote Saturday’s WWE Super Show-Down event, and the topic of intergender wrestling was brought up an interview with SBS reporter Manny Tsigas. Those looking to see intergender wrestling within WWE will be disappointed by what Levesque had to say. He wasn’t high on the idea, and spoke to it as being mostly shock value.

Transcription by WrestleZone Senior Editor Tyler Treese.

On intergender wrestling as a whole:

There’s just a shock moment and a spectacle to that. Women, female athletes, our women the WWE female Superstars don’t need a man to make them successful in the ring. They don’t need a man to step in the ring with them to make them have a spectacular match. Charlotte Flair and Becky Lynch will probably walk into “The G” on Saturday and steal the night. Ronda Rousey will be one of the biggest superstars in that arena on Saturday. They don’t need a man to make them successful. They don’t need a man to be in the ring with them.

They need each other, the opportunity, the platform, and to be set free to do what they do. When we do that they rise to the occasion. They have stolen the show, they have had the main event, they will have their own pay-per-view…They don’t need [intergender wrestling]. It’s just shock value. You don’t need it. When it’s done right, I do believe there is an exciting moment when it can happen, but it doesn’t need to be the standard.

On if it’s empowerment:

To say that in order for a female to prove she is empowered she has to be able to compete against a men or have a man in the ring with her to do what she does at a high enough level? No. What makes a woman empowered is when she’s so good with another woman in that ring that no man on the card can stand up to them…When they do all the things that they can do right now on their own because they have that ability, that is the empowerment. It’s not about us giving them something.


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