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October 15, 2018

Update On WWE Holding Crown Jewel Event In Saudi Arabia

CNN is reporting on Twitter that Saudi Arabia is preparing to acknowledge the death of the reporter Jamal Khashoggi after previously denying it. As of this writing, WWE is still preparing to hold the Crown Jewel event.

The report which was leaked is said to be still in its 'preliminary stages', and it will say the interrogation 'was carried out without clearance and transparency and that those involved will be held responsible'.

As previously reported, the WWE Crown Jewel pay-per-view is still scheduled to take place on November 2nd, 2018 in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia at the King Saud University Stadium and will air on the WWE Network.

WWE has been 'monitoring the situation' but will reportedly not cancel the event unless they are forced to do so by State Department or President Donald Trump.

The company has halted all references to Saudi on the social media and website, but it will be interesting to see how they address the situation on tonight's Raw which is in Philadelphia.


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