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December 18, 2018

Vince McMahon And Triple H: The Fans Are Now The Authority

As promised, Vince McMahon graced Monday Night RAW with his presence tonight. He opened by saying that he can no longer do the show all by himself, and so he brought out his daughter, Stephanie McMahon, her husband, Triple H, and his son, Shane McMahon.

Stephanie opened by saying that “they haven’t been doing a good job lately” and that they haven’t been listening to the audience. However, that it was all going to change. “The days of absentee management is over,” said Triple H. “The four of us will be taking back Monday Night RAW.” Shane then went on to echo the same sentiment for SmackDown.

“We’re going to give fans what they want,” stated Triple H. “Something new. Something fresh. In the coming months you’ll be seeing new faces, fresh match-ups, and more of what you want. You are the authority.”


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