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January 22, 2019

Rumor Mill - XFL In Talks With Both ESPN And FOX For TV Deal

XFL could have an official television deal as early as next week, and they’re talking to some big names according to John Ourand and Terry Lefton of the Sports Business Journal (subscription required). The report states that the company is in talks with both ESPN and FOX at the moment. Both deals would have the games airing on two stations as the ESPN deal would have matches on ABC and ESPN, while the FOX deal would be on FS1 and the titular network. While a deal hasn’t been made, both talks are described as being ongoing and interest is strong for both.

Interestingly, the XFL’s main competitor, the Alliance of American Football, will start its debut season on Feb. 9 of this year. The XFL won’t launch until next year. Debut teams will be featured in Los Angeles, Dallas, Houston, New York, St. Louis, Seattle, Washington, D.C., and Tampa Bay. The 10-game season will be capped off with two weeks of playoffs.


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