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February 18, 2019

Corey Graves Separated From Wife For Months, Divorce Close To Being Finalized

Corey Graves’ ex-wife publicly accused the WWE announcer this weekend of cheating on her with Carmella, but we’re told the truth of the matter is different.

Sources close to Graves tell us he and Amy Polinksy have been in the divorce process for around six months and Corey has been living in a different home for two of those months.

We’re told Corey informed his ex over the weekend that he was now seeing someone else — a relationship that began after he had moved out of their home — and she reacted in a very public way. In case you missed it … Amy posted a photo on Twitter of their family and claimed Graves had been “sleeping with one of my daughters role models all along,” Carmella.

Polinksy deleted the post, but posted others throughout the day about the situation before her Instagram account was taken down.

Our sources say that despite how it was made to sound on social media, Corey did not get caught cheating on his wife with Carmella and their divorce is close to being finalized.

source: prowrestlingsheet.com


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