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February 24, 2019

Rumor Mill - Backstage Update on Arn Anderson's Release: Incident with Vince McMahon

In an update on the story about Arn Anderson's release from WWE, Dave Meltzer commented on the situation on Wrestling Observer Radio:

“Arn got fired. It’s an incident, I mean everyone is pretty much keeping quiet about what it was, but it was an incident with Vince. I know people who are siding with Arn. I know people who are siding with Vince. I don’t know the whole details of the incident other than it was something at a house show that evidently wasn’t handled well and Arn took the blame for that. Arn and Vince were not really on the best of terms. There had been a lot of situations over the years and another one not too long ago. You know the thing with Arn is he’s well-liked by key people — Triple H, John Cena, you know he’s John Cena’s agent.“


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