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June 8, 2019

Triple H Talks Match With Randy Orton, What The Future Holds

Triple H was unable to defeat Randy Orton during the WWE Super ShowDown, but he was able to get through the match without injury, and because of the fact that he was back in Saudi Arabia after suffering an injury there, Triple H discussed his future after the match.

“I came back in six months, but that had nothing to do with it. said Randy Orton would be the coal that would be squeezed into a diamond. Still to this day … one of the absolute best that there is in this business, bar none,” he said. “For me to walk out there in this stage of my career … 100-degree heat, six months after a pec tear, it’s a win for me.”

Triple H went on to say that there was nothing to be ashamed of when it comes to losing to Orton, and praised the fans in Saudi Arabia, but noted how hot it was. “All air left the building at about the two-minute mark, but my hats off to Randy Orton, one of the best there is.” According to Triple H, their back-and-forth lead up to the match was nothing but “heat of the moment” stuff, and there’s still lots of respect between the two.

When asked what his plans next were for Triple H, he said that while the opportunities to continue doing in-ring action were “few and far between,” they still mean a lot. “I’m going to fly home, I’m going to take a minute, be with my family, and see what’s next.” he said. Triple H also said that he’d continue to head down to Florida to watch NXT, and make sure the WWE was in good hands for the future.


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