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July 29, 2019

Triple H Gets D-Generation X Drone Show During 50th Birthday Bash

Triple H rang in his 50th birthday with some musical performances from Rock and Roll greats, as well as a drone show dedicated to one of his most popular wrestling stables.

The party took place Sunday night in New Hampshire (Triple H's hometown) and featured wave runners, axe throwing and performances by legendary rockers ZZ Top and John Fogerty.

The festivities included an awesome drone show, organized by HHH"s wife, Stephanie McMahon.

Set to the tunes of Triple H's entrance music throughout his prolific wrestling career, the drones formed tributes to D-Generation X, as well as his solo career as The Game.

WWE Chairman, and Triple H's real-life father-in-law, Vince McMahon posted a heartfelt birthday wish on Twitter, adding that his son-in-law- is a "Cerebral Assassin in any arena."

Instagram fitness celeb, Joe DeFranco and his wife, Ashley, chronicled some of the celebration, which lasted the entire weekend.

Activities for guests included axe throwing and rides on wave runners at the nearby lake.

There were also some sweet treats provided, especially an ice cream shack with tons of flavors.

The DeFrancos had an awesome time partying with the WWE stars, and wrote on social media that, "@stephaniemcmahon really knows how to throw a party!!!"

The highlight of the weekend other than the axes and drones, appeared to be a private concert put on by ZZ Top and John Fogerty.

Triple H must have paced himself with the partying, being 50 and all, because he was up early Monday morning thanking everyone for celebrating over the weekend.

"For all the calls, texts, posts, messages and well wishes for my birthday....THANK YOU!!! Couldn’t have had a better weekend celebrating!!So far this 50 club is pretty cool!!!!"


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