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July 25, 2019

WWE Second Quarter Finances Revealed, Vince McMahon Comments

The WWE's 2019 Q2 Financial report has been released, with revenue dropping from the previous year. 

According to the company's finances, the second quarter of 2019 produced $268.9 million in revenue, down 5% from the 2018 Q2 of $281.6 million. 

The WWE Network now boasts 1.69 million paid subscribers, which is consistent with the company's guidelines. 

The use of digital outlets like YouTube, Facebook, Twitter and Instagram increased drastically, with 324 million hours being consumed, up 22% from the previous quarter. 

Digital video views also increased by 17% over the previous quarter to 9 billion.

In a conference call, WWE CEO Vince K McMahon said how this second quarter of the year had been focussed on making major changes to the company, such as recent deals with BT Sport in the UK and the upcoming Fox-SmackDown move.

He said: "We completed content distribution agreements in key international markets, prepared for the next phase of our WWE Network service, and achieved steady improvement in engagement metrics."

More details can be found from the company's official statement here

source: wwe


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