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September 6, 2019

Triple H Appears on UpUpDownDown, Names His Favorite Video Games

To celebrate hitting two million subscribers, Xavier Woods brought Triple H onto his UpUpDownDown YouTube channel on Wednesday to ask "The Game" some questions.

When asked what his experience with game was, Hunter admitted that he was playing back in the days of arcades.

"So I'm old enough to remember when video games were played like you had to go somewhere and put a quarter in to play those video games," he said. "So for me that whole time frame, and we actually have a one of those console things at our house that the kids play that has Galaga, Centipede, Pac-Man, that's all the stuff I played. Donkey Kong, all that suff."

He said if he had that arcade cabinet back in the day, Donkey Kong would've been his favorite.

He was then asked about Star Trek vs. Star Wars, as somebody hold told Woods that the Hall of Famer was a Star Trek fan. Hunter corrected him by saying he's a fan of both, but leans more towards Star Wars.

"If you were to ask me back in the day, there's that big debate Star Trek or Star Wars, I would've said Star Wars. I don't dislike either one of them but if you were to ask me about any of the Star Trek movies or the shows, I don't know, I don't know s—."

The 14-time former world champion then said the last game he can remember playing all the way through was the Metal Gear Solid series.

"When that stuff was kind of coming out, there was a moment in time where I would get home off the road I would need something to disconnect," he said. And that was kind of like the thing. And then I just got too busy.

"That was a very cool game for me," he added. "I wasn't smart enough at that time even as those games were coming out to realize that there was a community of things that you could do to learn the tricks to get through the game. So I was one of those people that played the same game for like a year and a half on end because I was stuck on the same level for like six straight months."

The NXT brand, spearheaded by Triple H, is set to move from the WWE Network to the USA Network starting on Sept. 18.


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