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November 8, 2019

AEW Dynamite Barely Tops WWE NXT Viewership This Week

AEW Dynamite has topped WWE NXT in viewership for the sixth week in a row, however it was by the smallest margin to date.

Wednesday's Full Gear go-home edition of Dynamite on TNT drew 822,000 viewers, topping NXT's 813,000 viewers on the USA Network by only 1.1%, according to Showbuzz Daily.

AEW ranked #8 in the Cable Top 150, while NXT ranked #12. AEW ranked #31 in viewership, while NXT ranked #32 in viewership.

For NXT, it was the best number for the show since its two-hour premiere on October 2nd. It was the second lowest number for Dynamite behind last week's show which averaged 759,000, however that episode was against Game 7 of the World Series.

Last week's Dynamite episode drew 789,000 viewers and ranked #6 in the Cable Top 150, and #28 in viewership, so the audience was up 4.2%. Last week's NXT episode drew 580,000 viewers and ranked #32 in the Cable Top 150, and #42 in viewership so NXT saw a much larger 40% increase.

AEW drew a 0.35 rating in the 18-49 demographic while NXT drew a 0.30 in the same demo this week. Last week's AEW episode drew a 0.33 in that demographic while NXT drew a 0.18.


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