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November 28, 2019

NXT Referee Jessika Carr Moving Over To WWE SmackDown

Jessika Carr isn’t moving “up” to SmackDown—the NXT referee is making a lateral move over to Friday nights.

Last night’s NXT taping saw Carr work her final matches for the yellow brand, and she was given an in-ring sendoff by Tommaso Ciampa.

Ciampa closed the show by saying they are a family, and they were losing a family member in Carr because she’s moving over to SmackDown Live as of this Friday. Ciampa asked Carr to deliver a farewell speech, and Carr talked about hearing she’s the “worst referee ever” by someone in her first night of training. She says she’s glad she didn’t listen to that person who told her to quit the business, and says standing in front of them now is an amazing feeling. Carr said she hopes women see this as a sign that they can be whatever they want, then she left and was greeted by Triple H and the team of referees on the ramp.


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