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March 13, 2020

Rumor Killer On The Wrestling Observer's Claim That Triple H Was "Quietly Demoted"

The Wrestling Observer claims the Triple H was "quietly demoted" when his job title was changed from EVP Talent, Live Events and Create to EVP Global Talent Development and Strategy. While the Live Events department is now being overseen by Vince McMahon's Chief of Staff Brad Blum, it is clear from the 2020 Proxy filing that Triple H has not lost any status with Vince or the company:

Paul Levesque has served as our Executive Vice President, Global Talent Strategy since February 2020, and prior thereto was Executive Vice President, Talent, Live Events & Creative since August 2011. In his current role, he oversees the Company's Talent Relations and Talent Development departments. Additionally, Mr. Levesque plays an integral role in the Company's creative process, helping shape the creative direction and storylines of WWE programming.

Triple H also serves on the Board of Directors and is a member of the executive committee.

The Board believes that its current members comprise an appropriate mix of background, diversity and expertise. In particular, Mr. McMahon is a seasoned manager who understands what is necessary for the Company to thrive in the dynamic and competitive markets in which we compete. As our co-founder, Mr.McMahon has decades of experience overseeing all of our revenue streams and is familiar with every aspect of our business and industry. He has significant expertise in creative matters, television, talent development and live events, each of which is a critical aspect of our business. Similarly, Ms. McMahon and Mr. Levesque have decades of experience in our Company and both have been important players in all aspects of our creative process, including television, talent and live events. They have extensive practical experience with many of our revenue streams and have been critically involved in our business transformation over the past several years as well as our continuing brand development.

He no longer has the responsibility of Live Events. But the autonomy concerning the global expansion of NXT and opening more Performance Centers has increased.

Not sure this qualifies as a demotion.


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