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March 16, 2020

Triple H Brings Sense of Normalcy, Fun at Time of Great Uncertainty

There was an eery sense of reality that fell over Friday night's show.

The relocation of the show and absence of audience hammered home just how surreal a world we are living in right now. Just when discomfort set in, though, the WWE Universe's dad rushed to its aid and provided a night of unexpected fun and entertainment.

Triple H welcomed the viewing audience to his baby, the WWE Performance Center, and proceeded to join Michael Cole on the headsets for one of the most refreshingly fun and light-hearted commentary performances in recent memory.

He was hilarious, using insider references to break up the monotony that sometimes engulfs the announce position and played off Cole extremely well. He was engaging, took nothing too seriously and even jumped behind a camera while referencing the short-handed nature of the production.

And best of all, he did it all without taking away any attention from the Superstars on the show.

There are fans who will point to the NXT brand as proof that Triple H can run WWE and do so to great success, but there may be no greater example of that than what he was able to accomplish Friday night on short notice and with a skeleton crew to work with.

Without him, the broadcast would most certainly have been an uncomfortable viewing experience for an audience already shell-shocked by what is going on in the world.

source: bleacherreport.com


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