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March 12, 2020

XFL Cancels Rest Of Season Due To COVID-19

The relaunched XFL did not get a chance to finish its season. Despite ratings declining, that was not what did it in.

The league joined much of the sports world as it suspended play after five weeks. This is due to the coronavirus that is currently spreading around the world. Several states have banned more than 250 people from showing up to arenas around the country.

The XFL provided a statement that assured that players will be paid their base salary, while also including benefits. All XFL ticket holders will be issued refunds or credit towards future games.
Prior to everything shutting down, the Seattle Dragons were going to be playinginside an empty stadium against the Los Angeles Wildcats. XFL President and COO, Jeffrey Pollack stated the following during that time:
"Based on the proclamation issued Wednesday by Washington Governor Jay Inslee, the Seattle Dragons will host the LA Wildcats this Sunday, as scheduled. The game will take place at 4pm PT at CenturyLink Field without fans in the venue. The game will be broadcast live, also as scheduled, on ESPN2."
Since then, MLB, NHL, NCAA (including the NCAA Tournament), boxing and MMA have all decided to cancel, move or hold events without fans. WWE has been forced to move SmacklDown to the Performance Center, while Ring of Honor, New Japan Pro Wrestling and AEW, among others, have had to alter their schedule to accommodate what is going on.
According to the la test from CNN, the coronavirus has infected over 124,518 people, with 4,607 deaths confirmed.


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