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April 20, 2020

The Rock Is Working On A Backyard Wrestling Series For HBO

The Rock, Issa Rae and Dany Garcia will be executive producing a new series for HBO on the creation of a backyard wrestling promotion, according to Variety.

It's titled "TRE CNT" for "TRE COUNT" and comes from writer Mohamad El Masri. The show focuses on Cassius Jones, a young docker worker and struggling pro wrestler, who uses inherited life-insurance money for start-up money, and the deed to a shotgun house from his grandfather, to start a hip-hop centric backyard wrestling empire in the Third Ward of Houston, Texas (The Tre). Jones creates the empire with the help of his working-class family, friends and neighbors.

El Masri is an executive producer on the project in addition to writing. Judah Miller will executive produce and serve as showrunner. Rock and Garcia will executive produce along with Hiram Garcia under their Seven Bucks Productions company. Rae and Montrel McKay will executive produce via their Issa Rae Productions. Dave Becky, Tom Lassally, and Jonathan Berry will executive produce for 3 Arts Entertainment, according to Variety.

Variety noted that The Rock's involvement brings a layer of authenticity to the project due to his successful pro wrestling career with WWE.


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