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June 24, 2020

Multiple WWE Personnel Reportedly Test Positive For COVID-19, Including In-Ring Talent

As first reported by Pro Wrestling Sheet, we can add WWE to the shortlist of sports organizations affected by COVID-19. After last week’s first case of confirmed COVID-19 caused a delay in their taping and their first mass testing for the illness, inside sources are saying that at least three others who have been in the Performance Center during tapings have received positive test results. It’s unknown the exact number of positive results and how many of them are in-ring performers.

Sources also say that WWE will now be running more tests before this week’s TV tapings in order to ensure that the disease hasn’t spread into the locker room or backstage. The Performance Center is located in Orlando, Florida, right in the middle of a state that’s seen rising infection rates every day since going through with plans to reopen businesses two weeks ago.


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