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June 29, 2020

NXT Beats AEW Dynamite In Viewership, Dynamite Garners Lowest Numbers In Show Histor

Week 37 of the Wednesday Night War saw WWE NXT beat AEW Dynamite in viewership, but Dynamite won in the ratings for the key demographic.

NXT drew 786,000 viewers (+5.4% from last week) on the USA Network, topping the 633,000 viewers (-18%) garnered by Dynamite on TNT by 24%, according to Showbuzz Daily.

AEW ranked #17 in the Cable Top 150 for the 18-49 demographic, while NXT ranked #26. AEW ranked #66 in viewership, while NXT ranked #63 in viewership.

Last week's Dynamite episode drew 772,000 viewers and ranked #8 in the Cable Top 150, and #62 in viewership. Last week's NXT episode drew 746,000 viewers and ranked #25 in the Cable Top 150, and #65 in viewership.

Dynamite still beat NXT in the 18-49 demo, although by the smallest margin so far this year. Dynamite drew a 0.22 rating (-21%) in the 18-49 demographic, topping the 0.19 rating (-5%) garnered by NXT in the same demo by 15.8% this week. Last week's AEW show drew a 0.28 rating while the NXT episode drew a 0.20 in that demographic.

This is the lowest AEW viewership in the history of the show, and their lowest rating in the key 18-49 demographic. This is the second-highest NXT viewership of the year, next to the February 19 episode, which drew 794,000 viewers. This week's NXT 18-49 demographic is in the higher range of what NXT has been drawing in the coronavirus era.

MTV's Challenge topped the night in the 18-49 demographic on the Cable Top 150, with a 0.55 rating, with just 941,000 viewers. Hannity on FOX News topped the night on cable in viewership with 4.374 million viewers, ranking #3 on the Cable Top 150 with a 0.34 rating in the key demo.

Based on overnight numbers, Chicago Med on NBC topped the night on network TV in viewership, with an average of 3.855 million viewers. Taking The Stage, Game On!, Chicago Med, Chicago Fire, Chicago PD, MasterChef and Ultimate Tag all tied for the night in the 18-49 demographic.


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