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June 9, 2020

Triple H Discusses If The Hog Pen Match Was Punishment For The Curtain Call

Triple H was asked his infamous “Hog Pen” match and if it was punishment for the Curtain Call. He said he thought it was before the Curtain Call but he could be wrong. He says nobody wanted to get hit with Henry Godwin’s slop and that he went to Vince and said that if Godwin was turned babyface, he’d do it. As a snob heel, it was perfect to have him get covered in mess. He said he loved it and thought it was phenomenal. He could have maybe done without quite so much crap in the pen, because the pigs were huge and in the pen all day. He said the farmer told him to watch his fingers because the pigs could conceivably bite them off. He said it was one of his first really memorable things in WWE and people still talk to him about it. He mentioned how when they traveled the match around the country, fans began to bring plastic sheets for the slop match as if it was a Gallagher concert.


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