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July 30, 2020

Triple H On If AEW Is Taking WWE's Market Share

At the latest WWE stockholder's meeting, Triple H addressed the current state of NXT.

On the topic of AEW and ratings, Triple H talked about the internal focus WWE has on their product. When asked if AEW is taking some of WWE's market share, he said they are focused on the development of their stars and talent and reiterates their long-term approach.

"To me, there's a moment in time when you begin something and it's very exciting and it's fresh and there's some interest in it, certainly, but it's a big world," Triple H stated. "We continue to be focused on our product, continue to be focused on the development of our stars and our performers and as Vince said earlier, we have a very long track record of doing this incredibly successfully for many, many, many years, and we will continue to do so."

credit Wrestling Inc. for the transcription


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