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July 15, 2020

Triple H Reveals NXT's Storyline Strategy For The Rest Of 2020

Triple H outlined what NXT's approach to storytelling will be for the foreseeable future during a new interview with Yahoo! Sports.

According to 'The Game', the creative nucleus in charge of NXT programming believe they need to be a "little careful with how heavy" they get with current angles and storylines. This is a direct response to the ongoing health pandemic sweeping the globe, and it shows that Trips (and others) are aware of what fans need.

They need "to tune it out, tune into WWE and just have some fun for a little bit".

Triple H said it's "easy to lose perspective" sometimes, if only because WWE operations never stop for a breather. However, he's dedicated to ensuring that NXT acts as escapism to anyone currently affected by the pandemic, and thinks that's important right now.

WWE's Executive Vice President of Global Talent Strategy & Development also said that more throwbacks in the mould of NXT's In Your House and Great American Bash tributes could be coming. He didn't, however, specify which old shows the brand might use.


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