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August 17, 2020

Shotzi Blackheart Shares Touching Thing Triple H Did For Her After Car Was Stolen

WWE NXT star Shotzi Blackheart revealed last week that her 2015 Honda Civic had been stolen overnight from outside of her apartment. Her wrestling gear bag was inside the car, with her signature helmet and other items.

Later in the week, Blackheart posted a video to YouTube, seen above, where she revealed that local police had recovered her car. There was some minor damage to the front of the vehicle, but her belongings were still there including her signature helmet.

Shotzi has now taken to Twitter to share a touching story surrounding what happened. In her message, she explains that Triple H and the team at NXT actually produced a new helmet for her to wear to the ring.

"I didn't get to wear this but it came with a really awesome story so I wanted to share," Shotzi wrote. "As soon as Triple H found out about my car and helmet he made sure that I had help and had the crew put this together for me in time for my match filmed only 1 day after it was stolen!"

Thankfully, Shotzi found her special helmet and will now have a spare. Upon the item being returned, Blackheart told police that it's very sentimental to her because it was hanging on the wall of the wrestling school she first trained at. Her trainers eventually let her have the helmet once she started having matches, and she's taken it all over the world with her while she's furthered her career.

On NXT TV as of late, Shotzi has been feuding with The Robert Stone Brand. The rivalry has now lead to Shotzi teaming up with Rhea Ripley in hopes that they will take down the group.


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