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September 25, 2020

WWE Issues Statement On Latest COVID-19 Outbreak, Virus Reportedly Spreads After Talent Throws Party

There has been a recent COVID-19 outbreak in WWE NXT and at the WWE Performance Center, which led to changes on Wednesday's TV show. It's been reported that the outbreak may have started with a WWE Performance Center Coach, but that was not confirmed. In an update, PWInsider now reports that there was no training in Florida on Thursday, and there's no word yet on when training will resume.

It's believed among several sources that this coronavirus outbreak started after a NXT wrestler threw a party that other trainees attended. There have been a number of positive tests this week, among trainees and staff members. It was noted that talents have been advised to sequester themselves. WWE issued the following statement on this latest COVID-19 outbreak in NXT: "As part of ongoing testing protocols, WWE completed its second round of weekly COVID-19 testing on Tuesday. Individuals that tested positive will quarantine for 14 days, receive medical care, and then will only be cleared when they are symptom-free and test negative. Additionally, extensive contact tracing has taken place and other individuals have been placed in 14-day quarantine, and will then only be cleared after they test negative."

Next week's Takeover go-home edition of NXT TV is taped on Wednesday, so the next live NXT event will be the Takeover event on Sunday, October 4. This gives the company 9 days from today to see if talents who missed this week's tapings will be free & clear to return to work. It was reported earlier this week, via Wrestling Observer Radio, that some main roster workers had gotten sick due to this latest outbreak in NXT, and that RAW and SmackDown plans could be impacted. PWInsider reports that as a safeguard to prevent further spread of the virus, talents and staff working at the Performance Center or on NXT tapings will not be allowed to work RAW or SmackDown tapings at the Amway Center in Orlando until further notice.


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