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October 16, 2020

WWE Set For Huge Financial Win In CTE Case, Judge Issues Order Against Attorney

Wrestling Inc. has learned that yesterday the United States Court of Appeals for the Second Court rejected attorney Konstantine W. Kyros' appeal in his recent court room loss to WWE. Over the past six years Kyros has represented several former WWE talents alleging that WWE was not transparent regarding it's knowledge about CTE damage to it's performers.

Kyros' failing to appeal the recent verdict against him will mean that he has to pay WWE for their legal fees and other troubles. We are told that WWE is seeking around $560,000 but that the amount will increase to include the costs of the hearing, which must be held in order for the court to establish the amount it will order him to pay. Those issues appear to have been fully briefed and the court will now set a hearing date.

If Kyros attempts to appeal the order WWE would likely insist he post a bond ensuring payment. The only route Kyros has left to appeal would be to ask the United States Supreme Court to hear the case, which could happen but seems very unlikely. The next thing that will happen after the second circuit issues its mandate in seven days will be the sanctions hearings to determine how much he must pay WWE

Wrestling Inc. has also learned that the judge issued an order specifically for the purpose of protecting the public from Kyros. The order requires him to send an opinion explaining his dishonest behavior to all his existing wrestler clients and any that contact him in the future. In a recent Wrestling Inc. interview WWE council Jerry McDevitt alleged that Kyros' had plagiarized much of his suit based on a similar one filed against the NFL.

"Kyros got caught in the last lawsuit basically plagiarizing from the lawsuit of the NFL allegations, the allegations that were made against the NFL that resulted in the case being successful against them where the NFL, unlike the WWE, had made various public statements and actually published articles in scientific literature and magazines and whatnot sort of downplaying, if you will the effects of concussions," McDevitt explained. "And Roger Goodell had allegedly made various statements that were alleged in the complaint against the NFL. All Kyros did was he gets ahold of the NFL complaint, and he literally just changes where the complaint would say, 'Roger Goodell said the following, concussions don't cause any long-term damage, and it's safe to go back to work on a day you get a concussion.' He would just change that to say a WWE representative had said that.

"Just flat-out make up false things like that. The kind of stuff lawyers don't do, and we brought that to the court's attention and multiple other violations of his. And he was as a result of his misconduct, sanctioned three different times by the federal judge up there that had control of the case. And is now facing sanctions orders of what we say is going to make him required to pay us hundreds of thousands of dollars in legal fees."


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