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December 21, 2020

News On Talks Of A WWE Lucha Libre Series

As Wrestling Inc. first exclusively reported, WWE has been planning to create a new NXT show, which apparently would be an NXT minor leagues system. Wrestling Inc. has learned that the company has also been discussing a Mexican Lucha Libre series, which would be an NXT Mexico of sorts. The show would reportedly air in the U.S. WWE has spoken with a few people about running the project, but it is very early on in the planning stages. One of the names being considered as a consultant on the project is Chavo Guerrero Jr. Chavo was an agent for Lucha Underground and was very involved with the promotion. One source compared the project to the WCW Telemundo "Festival de Lucha" pilot that was taped in Waco, Texas on January 27, 1999 that never aired. The pilot was added to the "Hidden Gems" section of the WWE Network last year. WWE has been looking to expand into international markets for awhile now. The company launched NXT UK in 2018, and has been considering creating NXT brands in several other countries as well.


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