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December 18, 2020

Stephanie McMahon shares Paul Heyman’s reaction to her clash with Vince McMahon

Vince McMahon is the Chairman of WWE and his daughter Stephanie McMahon is the Chief Brand Officer. The two have not shied away from being involved in storylines over the years and have certainly butted heads over decisions made in the company. Stephanie McMahon recently spoke to David Meltzer of Sports 1 Marketing. During the interview, McMahon revealed a fascinating story that involved Paul Heyman. Stephanie McMahon recalled how she was once upset with her father Vince McMahon over an incident that took place long ago. Here is what she said: Paul Heyman actually said to me one time… I was really upset over something that had happened with my dad as my boss, and it really hurt. It was this one particular incident, and it just rocked my world. And Paul Heyman said to me, “You know what Steph? This is so good!” And I said, “Why is this so good, Paul?” And he said, “Because, if you can stand in a room and look Vince McMahon in the eye, and go toe to toe with him on whatever opinion you’re trying to share, anybody else pales in comparison. Paul Heyman is currently managing WWE Universal Champion Roman Reigns, which has seen great success since the start of their partnership. source: ringsidenews.com


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