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February 24, 2021

Tony Khan Comments On New AEW Monday Night Show

AEW officially announced their third show today – AEW Dark: Elevation.

AEW President & CEO Tony Khan noted on Twitter that Elevation will begin streaming on YouTube soon, but no date has been confirmed as of this writing. The show will air every Monday night at 7pm ET on the official AEW YouTube channel.

As noted earlier, AEW announced that veteran pro wrestler Paul Wight (fka Big Show in WWE) has signed with the company. He has signed a long-term deal to be a commentator on Elevation, and will also be wrestling at some point. Khan commented on Elevation and welcomed Wight to the company in a tweet.

“Welcome to @AEW, @PaulWight! Watch #AEWDynamite tonight for more info on Paul’s arrival here, and for more info on our new show AEW Dark: Elevation! It will be streaming soon every Monday night on AEW YouTube!,” he wrote.

Elevation will compliment the main AEW Dark series that airs every Tuesday night at 7pm ET on the AEW YouTube channel. Elevation will showcase AEW’s established and rising wrestlers, and top indie wrestlers from around the industry.

AEW also noted that Elevation will maintain continuity with Dynamite, Dark, pay-per-view shows and other streaming events, with wins and losses factoring into each wrestler’s ranking in the company.

AEW will be revealing more details on Elevation and Wight’s signing during tonight’s Dynamite.


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