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February 15, 2021

WWE Issuing Violations For Social Media Posts Naming Third Parties

WWE is issuing “violations” to talent for tweets or Instagram posts naming any third party business, person, brand or charity, Wrestling Inc. has learned. Wrestling Inc. has learned that the violations start with a warning, then a fine, and finally suspension. The company is claiming ownership of talent Twitter and Instagram accounts via a clause in their contracts that grants WWE the exclusive use of their likeness. It has been made clear to talent who have complained that the current “flexibility” allowed in social media could be retracted by the company. We first reported last September that Vince McMahon issued an edict stating that talent can no longer use platforms like Cameo and Twitch. Zelina Vega was released from the company last November due to fallout from her continuing to use platforms like Twitch and OnlyFans. A recent study from LoveUX revealed how lucrative these social media posts. Their study estimated that Lana earned $625,922 off 59 sponsored posts in 2020 ($10,608 per post), while Mandy Rose garnered an estimated $490,104 off 71 sponsored posts ($6,902 per post).


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