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March 10, 2021

Two-Night NXT TakeOver: Stand & Deliver Set For WrestleMania Week

William Regal promised some huge news tonight at NXT, and when the episode began, he delivered. Regal kicked off the show by announcing that NXT TakeOver: Stand & Deliver will be a new, two-night TakeOver event that will take place during WrestleMania week.

Unlike prior two-part events, NXT TakeOver: Stand & Deliver will take place over the course of back-to-back nights, with the first night occurring on Wednesday, April 7 at 8:00 p.m. ET on USA Network, and the second night airing on Thursday, April 8 at 8:00 p.m. ET exclusively on Peacock, NBC’s newest streaming service and the future home of all WWE content. 

It’s unclear as of right now what matches will take place at Stand & Deliver, but with it happening during WrestleMania week and with one night airing on Peacock, it’s safe to say fans will be in for a huge show when it does happen. 


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